You gotta be bleeping me!

Hello Bob

The guilty party!

I have a company stalking me that wants to help me with my on line video marketing. Seems they got my e-mail address from a podcast I watched recently. Each message I get contains an embedded video of a guy hunched over in his cubicle whispering hoarsely into his iPhone.

The audio sucks and half his face is blown out. He looks like a bank teller in the middle of a robbery. And he’s gonna help ME? WTF? Nice shot of the ceiling though.

What are they thinking? Hit the taste button please. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so depressing. Everybody wants to be in show business. They’re peeing in the pool and they don’t care. Most likely, they’re not even aware, which must be a type of artistic incontinence.  Everyone has a microphone and it’s Karaoke night every friggin’ day.

When folks ask me what I do, I’m very careful with how I broach the subject of video production, lest I be tainted by the yellow cloud working its way toward me in the deep end of this very crowded pool.

Let’s just say, all things being equal, (they’re not) that quality, production value and strategy, aren’t all that important and most folks don’t really notice anyway. You still have to have a  friggin’ thought, a mission, a deliberate attempt at informing your audience and at least some viewer empathy.

Can you ask with a straight face at the end of your digital intercourse, “Was it good for you?”  If not… you’re not gonna be bleeping me!

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