Am I On?

Would you attend a high level promotion interview after a three day drunk? Would you go to meet a potential life partner in your bathrobe? Before your bath?

Well, this is what some of these delusional douchebags are, in essence, doing when they introduce themselves to you in a video on their own company web site.

To sell you on the possibility of working there?

The video usually opens with the presenter looking like he’s waiting for a bus and then acts surprised when he is cued. Which doesn’t get edited out?

Then he plays connect-a-thought for five minutes on your dime. And you’re thinking, “Oh sure, I could spent the next 40 plus years with these guys, easy.”

I’ve shot thousands of these spots and it takes a lot of time to make these things look conversational. Unfortunately, the higher level of education of the talent, the higher degree of difficulty, if you catch my drift.

I’ve made my share of “hostage tapes” that I’ve had to doctor up in post. When the talent sees it, they usually ask why their voice sounds so high.  🙂

There was no hope for this guy, though. I’m thinking he drew the short straw on this company effort. His medication probably wore off and he babbled off into another high level meeting.

He was trying to sell me on the benefits of working at the company but he dribbled the ball then fumbled it completely, leaving me hopelessly confused. So I just went back to watching porn and forgot all about it.

Just because you have a camera in your phone, it doesn’t mean you have to use it.

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