Welcome to Stockholm

I have my ways:

Along with my ex-wife, there are people who think they are going to fuck me over. I can’t let that happen. I have been treated so poorly out here in Arizona, I’ve started to develop “Stockholm Syndrome,” where you sympathize with your abuser.

A few weeks ago, a recruiter was giving me the old “reach around” and in my desperation to pay the rent, I went along with it.

This process went on for thirteen days. In the end, he cold-stiffed me and attempted to laugh me off. He froze me out just before a big interview and left me for dead. Dropped me cold and went on to lower hanging fruit.

He abruptly, and for no apparent reason, disregarded any communication from me from that point on. At the time, I was thoroughly confused and bewildered. Business as usual for him, I later learned.

Until I wrote a blog about my visit to his office and how unprofessional and unprepared he was. What a fat, chain smoking piece of shit he was. Didn’t want to be too rough on him.

In a few days, his secretary called me in tears telling me he was a husband and a father and his office in New York was threatening to terminate him for besmirching their reputation.

Being a repeat victim, I found that extremely satisfying. I left him a text saying, “Next time, instead of blowing me off… just blow me.”

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