500 Bucks

I need 500 bucks a week to survive. My problem has been looking at companies that pay roughly that. It has been a nightmare. These outfits will grind the life out of anyone that crosses their threshold.

At one outfit, I got a written warning because I lacked the motivation to shame someone into staying on the phone.

They use terms like “adherence”, “quality”, “corrective action” and “walked to the door,” to show they mean business. A car insurance company told me the key to my success would be my ability to tuck a $150 dollar “roadside charge” into each policy without the insured catching on.

Caring.com, CVS Healthcare, Health Plan One, TTEC, United Healthcare and Clearlink are some of the companies I have endured. I quit Verizon last week. That deserves its own book. And maybe a lawsuit.

I am an experienced sales and marketing pro, entrepreneur, video producer, licensed insurance agent, certified personal trainer with certifications in diet, nutrition and senior fitness.

There must be something I can do to brighten your day. I am also a professional chef, as well as a professional musician that could add to your organization. I am a total creative.

Be nice to hear something before I head to the homeless shelter. P.S. I do windows.

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