I just sent an e-mail to the Kundala Taoist Sanctuary in Sedona, Arizona to see if they take Medicare.

I have finally come to the realization that my interpersonal skills are so lacking that I should remove myself from the herd.

I laid in bed this morning with vivid memories of all my spectacular romantic failures.

In short: I can’t pick ’em.

I’ve been robbed, maced, abandoned, stranded, diseased, betrayed, tortured and toyed with.

Linda: was a waitress who could jump start a vibrator and roll her own tampons. She actually tried to extol the virtues of anal sex to my mother. My mother never looked at me the same again.

Marie: who is by far, the worst of the worst, who up until this day, I have on a death watch. I’m thinking she could go any time. A great start to 2019 if she cooperates. Hope I’m in the area.

Dana: When she walked in a room, the heat kicked on. In 87 days she set my emotional development back 30 years. When I came back from a hike one morning my neighbor said, “Hey, didn’t you just move? ”

And then, this sneak in the night. A squeaky, mousey liar that waited until I was down, to rob and pillage by using the police, an unconscious court system, and some convenient distance.

This wasn’t even colorful. I hardly got my money’s worth.

And now…oops, hold on, it’s the Sedona sanctuary on line two. Gotta take this….

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