Your Mother…is…wrong!

It’s 6:00 am. The alarm goes off and you reach for the snooze button. Then you catch yourself and say “No snooze button today, I need to get up and start storing fat.” No?

Well this is just what you’re doing when you listen to your mother about eating breakfast in the morning.

You are demanding your pancreas start squirting insulin all over everything. Insulin stores fat. There was a fat burning riot going on down there, and you just dumped Cheerios all over it.

This is why you should try fasting in the morning. Intermittently.

Fasting is by far, the best way to lower insulin levels and burn fat fast. Instead of low carb, try no carb.

Remember the time you had to have a fasting blood draw? You just hated the thought. No coffee. No doughnuts. “Now that’s an unnatural act” you thought. You get to the lab N,P, friggin’ O, and the phlebotomist is running late. Reeeeaal late.

You’re gonna die. You start to dial 911 and tell your wife goodbye, when all of a sudden you realize, hey, you don’t really feel so bad after all, do ya?

You big baby. Actually, you feel pretty good. Lighter in a weird kind of way.

You haven’t eaten for 14 hours by now. Where’s the coroner?

At this time, you be burnin’ some serious fat. The engine is revving. Now, imagine having a fasting blood draw every day.

After a time, the body adjusts and you could hold off until noon. And be fine.

You will notice a big difference in your weight, your energy levels and your sleep patterns.  I could go on and on from experience but I don’t like long posts. (And, I have a short attention span.)

People use intermittent fasting for lots of different reasons. Blood sugar issues, burning fat, and even clarity of thinking. What’s the first thing that happens when you get sick and you’re physician within takes over?

You stop eating.

That process will keep you alive. With intermittent fasting, you just skip breakfast. For now. You will see and feel a difference. There are lots of variations on this theme.

More on this topic in the future. Apologize to your mother for me. 🙂

And wasn’t lunch delish?








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