Yes, we’re hiring!

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We have an open position for a forward thinking company that knows the value of in house video production and the benefits of having access to creative energy and experience to improve internal and external communications company wide.

This candidate would need to possess the vision and flexibility to want to move their company forward in new and exciting directions by using state of the art equipment, talent and ideas.

The candidate should also be willing to be coached and trained to be comfortable in the art of presenting on camera using slides, tele-prompters or extemporaneous presentations.

Be willing to accept ideas and direction based on our many years of multimedia experience.

This candidate must have the flexibility to have us be part of the team early in the ideation process, whether it be executive messaging, corporate and marketing communications, HR, on-site safety, IT and company or town hall meetings, to build these on line communications from script to screen.

If you meet any or all of these requirements, please feel free to reach out to us at 508-517-6714 ask for Bob O’Hearn.

No, we won’t make you submit an on line resume and keep you in the dark until we’ve made a decision. We’re actually very approachable.

We are looking for someone who wants a long term relationship, not a one night stand. We are looking to settle down and raise a company.

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