The Wedge

You love your job, you love the people you work with, you love the total atmosphere.

Busy kitchen, packed dining rooms, huge banquets and crazy hustle and bustle.

It ticks all your boxes, gives you a reason for living and warms the soul.

All of that vanishes when they decide to put a wedge between you and all you love.

The party’s over.

I got terminated yesterday by a convenience hire that has no idea how to communicate with anyone over 16 years old.

Who is so lacking in verbal skills that he has to commit his every thought to an e-mail list.

Who barely ever leaves his office and who is so visibly awkward you wonder how he got through his interview.

My alarms went off at his introductory meeting that was so juvenile and condescending I almost walked out.

With no one above him in attendance, he proceeded with his “I’m the boss now” belly flop.

Mr. Shiny Pants has already gone through the roster with veiled threats, written warnings and hasty terminations.

The guy who probably gets bossed around by his wife all day finally gets a place to vent.

He will be replacing his staff with people he feels comfortable with: gullible teenagers and anyone who fears for their job.

At this point, there’s nothing you can do but wait until his total incompetence shines through and the company is forced to come to its senses.

Meanwhile, the wedge is in place and everyone will have to suffer…. except me.

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