The Shift

The perfect time for a new approach is when you’re under the gun. When your world is shifting beneath your feet. Isn’t my timing perfect?

What I’ve been doing these days when I’m mentally overwhelmed, instead of bemoaning my losses, which are huge, horrendous and heartbreaking, is to shift to an attitude of gratitude.

I’m finding things could certainly be worse for your humbled correspondent. When I think of all the skills I’ve acquired, even been certified and licensed for under these conditions, I’m amazed.

I’ve transported myself from a pudgy, pill popping, malcontented prisoner of negativity, to a seventy-something, world wearied, trialed by fire, athlete with some serious positude.

Most of my acts of folly have turned to wisdom. Jewels in my crown. My education has cost me dearly, but I am not lost, only redirected.

I feel now as though I’m on a predetermined path to enlightenment.

I have been chastened, I have been chosen.

For that, I am grateful.


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