The Positive Feedback Loop

What keeps some people in the gym, on a bike, in the pool and on a diet? What keeps them lacing up in the wee hours? Do they do it simply because it’s the right thing to do? Are they banking on some fuzzy payoff thirty years from now? Hardly.

They push their bodies to their potential because they’re seeing things. In their mirror. The feedback they get in that mirror is a reward for their efforts. That feedback keeps them striving to do more activities that will keep them vibrant and healthy.

That feedback loop works like a life giving drug.

And it doesn’t stop until you do.

But it’s more than the physical. Seeing the results of your efforts has an incredible effect on your psyche, your posture and your overall health and confidence.

I remember after I got out of rehab how it changed the way I felt about myself. I felt more engaging. I liked the way my clothes fit. I smiled more. I wanted to meet more people. Life started coming back into my tired, world weary eyes.

What I got back from that mirror in just a few months, kept me going through that dark winter of my life. My journey became more bearable.

As the pounds melted off and I saw my body change, my horizons opened. I felt I was ready for anything. I naturally wanted to eat better so I wouldn’t blur my artwork.

The human body is a miracle waiting to respond. Doing the right things for it will pay off in more ways than you can imagine.

When you see someone who is always exercising and you wonder what keeps them at it, rest assured they’re seeing things. Good things.

They’re in that positive feedback loop. The gift that keeps on giving.

Be good to yourself, get in the loop.



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