The Numbers Game

I’m lacing up my sneakers. It’s pitch black out. Another four hours before daylight. Someone told me recently that I might, given my present physical conditioning, be on track to live well into my upper nineties.

Nothing interests me less. I have no designs on being a non-productive potted plant and just punching up some long numbers. There are no trophies for that particular feat. Only punishment.

Where I’m living at the present moment, Sun City, feels like some elephant grave yard where the denizens come to suffer, not enjoy the fruits of their previous labors. I’m getting a glimpse into the future that shakes me to my core.

But we accept it. We scratch our heads at the physical ailments that start to plague us a few weeks after our first social security check. I hear the conversations all the time. The apnea, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, a myriad of mysterious aches and pains, things that might be mitigated with a little preventive strategy.

Yeah, infirmity will visit, but its intensity can be lessened if we put the work in. Now. That’s my angle and I’m sticking to it. The upper 90’s thing does nothing for me if I can’t participate and contribute.

My goal is to step off the planet with the least amount of needless suffering. Have a pleasant evening, go to bed with a smile, then hopefully… wake up dead. 🙂

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