The Camera Guy Ha,ha,ha! (True story)


“OK, everyone, I want to thank you all for flying in on such short notice for this extremely critical meeting. I never would have pulled you from your day to day operations if necessity didn’t demand it.”

“You are all the key leaders in your given area of expertise and your in-person contribution today will hopefully right the ship and give us an upper hand with our newly formed competition. We must act fast and we must act now.”

“Before we get started and while Peggy hands out the newly updated release forms and non-disclosure agreements, I will tell you that everything that is said or done in this room, stays in this room.”

“You are not to share any of this information with family, friends or associates. Disclosure could open us up to a whole host of stock holder and legal issues. The competition would have a field day with us. If anything from this room hits the streets it could mean your careers. Seriously”

“We will be recording this entire meeting so it can be uploaded to a secure, password protected server and will be for your eyes only. The board will also have access so let’s get to it.”

“Any questions? Huh? Who? That guy over there? Relax, he doesn’t have to sign anything, he’s just the camera guy” “Ha ha ha ha ha ………. ha?”

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Bob O’Hearn

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