Yeah, I’m pretty happy with myself lately. On March 1, I tipped the scales at 208 lbs. I was not unhappy at that weight.

I was carrying a lot of muscle, my clothes were tight in the right places and I was hitting my cardiovascular peak.

My blood pressure (116 over 68) and blood work, was spot on.

I felt powerful.

But I had had a pair of 33 inch pants in the closet that were calling my name. And who doesn’t want to see their abs?

You might think at almost 75 years old, abs might be an impossibility, but you would be wrong. 🙂

I just stepped off the scale at a lean, mean, 175 lbs. Haven’t seen that number since my cocaine days.

Here’s the take away: I didn’t diet. I didn’t suffer. I didn’t deprive. I didn’t weigh myself every ten minutes. I didn’t get neurotic.

I simply found great tasting, low calorie and healthy  alternatives to what was putting weight on me in the first place.

I had a plan. I took my time. I was good to myself. You need to be good to yourself, because you’re all you got.

Deprivation causes relapse and failure. Don’t ask me how I know.

If you don’t educate yourself about your own body and what it takes to live optimally,  none of your weight loss efforts will be sustainable. Sustainability is key. Fitness is a long game.

You in?

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