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Hi! This is Bob O’Hearn aka  Enlightened Rogue.. more on that later.

I have been a corporate video producer for more than 15 yrs. I have produced many corporate, small business and executive communication projects. In that time I have seen the proliferation of video as the go to vehicle for sales, marketing, corporate events and cultural communications. These are amazing times. What I see today runs the gamut from high quality well thought out messaging, to what I call weapons of self destruction. Successful on camera presentations do not come naturally. To go from credible to cringe worthy is extremely easy.

We are approaching the world of ME.TV. Everyone has access to cameras, accessories and a pathway to an on line audience. You are broadcasting yourself whether you are using social media or just have a web site. That being said, there is, and will be, enormous amounts of clutter. The state of the art is not good. Attention is the new currency. How you gain it requires strategic thinking especially when it comes to how you present yourself on camera.

In this continuing series I will be addressing issues that come up time and again as a consultant. I will be sharing some of my insights on how to approach this medium so that you may have a better grasp on how to create your own successful video communication or become more comfortable and effective contributing to a larger production.

You want your audience to feel as though you are imparting valuable information not trying to get them to pay a ransom.

I look forward to sharing with you.

Please note: I welcome comments that are offensive, illogical or off-topic from readers in all states of consciousness.

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