Performance Matters!


Hillary is sliding in the polls. Drastically. I’m watching a panel of pundits eviscerate her on camera performance, while praising Trump, Sanders and even Joe Biden’s recent appearance where he got emotional on a talk show. Performance matters.

Regardless of your message, if you can’t deliver it with heartfelt passion and conviction you will pay dearly. She is seen here delivering a line she’s delivered dozens of times on the road and still keeps looking down even during sure fire applause lines.

The camera is merciless. It only shows what it sees. Nothing more (well, maybe a little weight) and can show considerably less. It’s a two dimensional view that needs the on camera talent’s projection and participation.

Being on camera is a harsh reality but critical if you need your audience to know who you are and what you stand for. Even for someone whose been in politics for thirty or forty years, if your performance is lacking and you can’t push through that screen and move people it can hurt you. Fatally.

You can be the brightest man or woman in the room but if you lack the will or ability to share it either live or on camera you will lose.

I can never understand the gun shy executives who shy away or say they “hate” being on camera especially if they’re an international company with employees scattered all over the world and little chance for them to meet in one place. They have to be coaxed and prodded and reminded they have a responsibility to their organization. Sometimes I say to myself when I’m relating the benefits of an on camera opportunity, “Why am I doing this and why should I have to?”

Then I see a half-hearted performance, produced with with a cheapo camera and lousy audio and I shake my head. More damage than good. I’ve been experiencing this for 15 years and thought attitudes would have changed by now but they haven’t for the most part.

Just phone it in, get it over with. I stopped trying after a while and when someone reaches out I have a series of questions I ask to make sure the person is committed and especially not self deluded. I’m in this game for more than money.

My “why” is communication, the kind that makes a difference, that enlightens and moves people. Some of the garbage I see rolled out as inspirational or motivational is laughable at best and destructive at worst.

Someone needs to talk to the emperor.


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Bob O’Hearn

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