Know how to keep an asshole in suspense…?

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Tell you tomorrow. This is what it feels like when you upload your resume into the abyss. Like the old pneumatic tube system, you shove it up there and hope for the best. After that, you have no idea what happens. Did anyone get it? Did a keyword search disqualify you? You don’t know and they won’t tell. All you can do is wait and hope for the best. What a futile, demoralizing system! You are now the equivalent of a mushroom. (I won’t go into that analogy)

I have so many well qualified and talented friends that are living in this black hole of uncertainty. It effects their confidence and social skills as well as their home life. It’s the not knowing and not getting the opportunity to present themselves in person and state their case. In most cases the odds are stacked against you because of this lack of proximity.

Being an independent video producer with years of sales and marketing experience, I have a good idea of who I need to get to, then create a personalized video introduction with b-roll of my past accomplishments and send the uploaded link to that person. You can get that information from their web site, maybe a friend who works there, or by asking the person answering the phone. A little finesse is needed here.

When they get the link and see that I am addressing them personally and what I can do for his or her organization, it is usually well received. If you don’t get the gig at least you get points for creativity and might stay on their mind if another opportunity opens up.

If you should go the video route, don’t use your cousin Lenny’s Flip Cam or iPhone. Send a well produced video that shows you are serious about the opportunity. Remember, we are all professional movie and TV watchers and we know a crapola afterthought when we see one.

Give it your best shot (pun intended). Leave the suspense for Netflix. If my target doesn’t know what I do and how I can help after my video introduction, I should be selling Mary Kay.

If you have any questions or need advice, please feel free to reach out to me here.

Bob O’Hearn

113 Wintergreen Lane
Groton Ma. 01450

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