Fit To Be Hired

There’s more to showing up than just showing up, isn’t there?  Let’s face it, job interviews are pure scrutiny….to the bone.

Like you need a little more “under-the-hood” added to your day-to-day neuroses.

Some puke who looks like he should be valeting your car has your life in his chubby little hands.

Unbearable. (Feel free to e-mail me for support group information.)

But it is what it is. (Such a useless term.) The only control you have in this situation is the knowledge that you’re bringing your best self.

Small consolation at the check-out I know, but you’re all you got.

Until you get the job and Duncan Uplift over there starts working for you.

As men, when we don’t look good, we do funny little things, like buy larger clothes, keep our jackets open, loosen our ties like it’s on purpose and try to hold our bellies in.

Mainly, we try to act like we don’t give a shit. Oh, but we do.

But you’ve been training your body and mind through diligence and discipline. You’re comfortable in your own tight skin. You can’t put a price tag on that. You earned it. Sweat equity.

Bring it.

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