The head of IT called a meeting for 4:00 o’clock. Four o’clock. The least scintillating person in the building. The guy who has code scribbled on his palms.

You’ve had a rough day. There’s no way you’re gonna stay conscious through his whole hypnotic delivery.

You know you’re gonna doze off in your seat and make that snark noise you’re famous for. You’re hoping to make it through so you can run him down in the parking lot later.

As he delivers his monotone presentation while rattling the change in his pockets, you’re thinking all is lost. It’s not.

The solution: Bathroom Stall Air Squats. (Shown below)

Once the dirge commences, excuse yourself at the 15 minute mark and head to the rest room. Find an empty stall and secure yourself inside. A handicapped stall would be perfect.

You can keep your pants up for this.

I want you to stand in front of the bowl facing the door with your feet spread out as wide your hips. Then squat down, touch the seat and return to the starting position. Try for 25 reps. If you can get 40, even better.

You will feel totally refreshed and ready for anything. You might even skip the gym on the way home.

The rest room is the perfect place for an air squat reboot. Especially if you had the bean burrito for lunch.

Plus, you’re still on the clock.




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