The Shift

We will not be back from this world wide shift in your lifetime. It’s time to rethink our approach to business communication. If you’re shy, this could be hell.

I just dropped a bundle on new video equipment. And I know to use it. I spent twenty years in corporate America creating content for all aspects of business. Now, the world has irrevocably changed and online communication is the currency you will need to survive.

We are all siloed now and looking for ways to influence each other. And I will be influencing. I buried my passion for online communication 4 years ago when my personal life came crashing down on top of me.

I was married, had a booming multimedia business and my health. I lost all three. I did exemplary work but I could no longer look at it. My heart was broken.

I created content for sales, marketing, manufacturing, HR and handled all executive communication. I coached CEO’s on how to deliver impactful messages from a teleprompter.

I streamed company meetings from a laptop around the world, ten years ago. I put video online while everyone else was e-mailing powerpoints.

We are in a tectonic shift. Everything we knew and relied on as far as communication goes, is out the window. Working from home is no longer a perquisite, it’s a must.

Moving hearts and minds in two dimensions is an art form and my specialty. I’ve been at it for years.

Through music, comedy, writing, graphic design, digital signage, video production, sales, marketing and even personal training and nutrition.

I go for reaction, and I usually get it.

No more navel gazing for me. The world just handed me an opportunity and I will gratefully take it.

I will no longer stand on the sidelines. I know how to get attention and I can help any business break through the clutter.

I am an idea generating dynamo looking for a place to detonate.

If your business needs help getting seen and heard, reach out. It’s what I do.

Make a joyful noise.  🙂

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