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Sold Out BookHey there, Rogue fans, I have some exciting news. Due to incredible demand, I am in the finishing stages of my blockbuster tell-all, Sold Out! My publisher said, “you can’t print this shit, they’ll take out a contract on you!” I’m like, “seriously, how many years do you think I have left?”

Over the years I have been working on a comprehensive revelatory book about my adventures in one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, selling the most successful radiopharmaceutical in history.

Replete with times, dates, intimate conversations, sex, fetishes and even a tale of a performance review given to me by someone so drunk I had to read it to him. To which he said, “I wrote that? Really?”

It covers my 13 years in sales and the offer to come back to Billerica and start a video production unit. This is where you’ll start to understand why your drugs are so expensive. You’ll learn how to play “Liar’s Poker” in the boardroom and stifle all-out laughter at some of the crazy ideas these people come up with, sober. Also, career saving techniques on how to stay conscious during a 4:00 pm meeting. (Who the hell would schedule such a thing?)

It will tell in detail, the good the bad and the homely, how a joke telling, guitar playing, drug addled fry cook was able to get in on the ground floor and get out when the elevator stalled. How did this happen and on whose watch? You will surely find out.

I will reveal all of the inside, outside and the greasy bottom details. So if you would like to laugh, cry or possibly call your attorney, you won’t want to miss this book.

If you’ve always wanted to know how sausage is made, I’ll tell you how the salami gets stuffed.

Disclaimer: I have already collected the limit on redaction fees in case you might want your name removed. I put this limit in place to avoid having it look like the C.I.A report on Benghazi. I know you’ll understand.

Pre-ordering will start soon! Get your copy. You might not want to get that phone call from a loved one in tears, sobbing and screaming that you will have to move.

It will soon be available on Amazon and Kindle.

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