Preaching what you practice!


If you are in business (yours or another company) and you have an exceptional product, skill or talent, if you are the hands down master of your domain and you don’t know how to enlighten your audience about your offering, you will be reduced to a shrunken version of yourself and never be able to garner the attention you need to share your incredible opportunity.

Stuttering, stammering, rattling the change in your pockets and losing your train of thought will get you to the soup kitchen quicker than a bankruptcy filing.

Passion is the most over used term in the entrepreneurial lexicon but the truth is, if you ain’t got got that swing, it don’t mean a thing. If you can’t credibly articulate all the features and benefits in a way that moves (notice I didn’t say sell) your particular industry or customer base, buh, bye.

What makes the best motivational speakers the most motivational is that core belief in themselves, their product or service and the ability to connect on such a visceral level, a wave of emotion starts to roll off that stage or platform like a tsunami. There’s your power.

Don’t walk on to the stage, seize it. Don’t present it, share it. Make eye contact. Wade into the audience. Speak to an audience member using their name, if possible.

If you are the least bit self conscious, your audience can smell it. Never let them drift, take command. Entertain, enlighten and educate in such a way they are in your thrall. It’s not about you. Ever.

If you are the best in the business, prove it. You are the master of this ceremony. There’s no safety net. Step outside yourself and become part of your audience. Failure to do that is pure selfishness. Meet people beforehand. That way you’re talking to friends. A sea of friendly faces.

Watch any stand up comedian. They own that space. The ones who don’t are staring off into that space. You are there for a reason and that is to move, impress and gain believers. Performance, no excuses.

If you can’t preach what you practice all day, every day, then there’s always Netflix. Go get ’em!

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Bob O’Hearn

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