“My web site? I just set it and forget it”!

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That’s the common theme running through the minds of most entrepreneurs and business owners these days. I go back to sites that have videos on the front page I shot years ago. Web site? “Yup, got one, just waiting for someone to visit and give us a call”.

Most web sites are kind of like an old hooker, they just lay there. Static. Same content, same design and same logic, build it and they will come. If someone shows up once, what will make them return? Google?

Web sites are work. Mine could use a lift too but I spend a lot of time blogging and posting so at least clients think I have a pulse. Think of your site as a corral and you are trying to drive your cattle in. Where are the moving parts? What’s the catalyst? Where’s the reach? Where’s the goddam cowboys?

Do you have a permission based e-mail data base to alert your peeps about timely, new, exciting content? Is it being managed correctly so you’re not sending the right message to the wrong person? Or back asswards?

Does your site have a personality? A familiar feel? Any perceptible value? Is it just a repository with a boilerplate mission statement, a hostage tape of your CEO, directions with a map and your phone number? Is your site a “been there, done that”? Does it contain…information?

The other side of the equation is the rope-a-dope strategy. Throw every mindless piece of minutia your customers could care less about, like, “ever wonder what our marketing manager likes to do on weekends”? What do you like best about working here? (sound of trigger being cocked).

How did you feel the day you were told you got the job here? I ain’t joking, folks. You could insulate your house with this bullshit.

Hurry back for more exciting news about us, we, me, my, our and everyone, plus the new bottled water dispenser and how we separate our trash to save the planet. This is an actual job title: Corporate Noise Maker. We know you’ll be so excited for us you’ll buy our products and might even want to work here.

Maybe. If you can memorize our forty-nine values and like extended group hugs.

If you have any questions or need personal advice, please feel free to view my work here.

Bob O’Hearn

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