Let me tell you a story…

Once uponHave you noticed the trend with motivational business gurus highlighting the benefits of storytelling? It seems to be cropping up everywhere with no end in sight.

Storytelling is nothing new, it’s been going on around the campfire for ages and been scribbled on cave walls since the beginning. There are many gifted yarn spinners among us.

As a matter of fact, my auto mechanic has always been a great storyteller. Especially when presenting me the bill. Any drunk who has stayed too late at the Elks can conjure up a spellbinder that would make Hemingway envious.

As J.D. Sallinger once said, “never state the obvious”. I agree. If you get someone’s ear, don’t tell them stuff you know they already know. Like storytelling is effective communication.

Marketing is and has always been about telling stories. Why is storytelling a cottage industry all of a sudden?

I think someone’s telling us a story.

The End


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