Blog Jacking

Blog Jacking

Think I made up a word!

The loudest guy in the room won’t always be able to win the argument. At some level, blog jackers already understand their efforts result in slim to none.

Being pelted with on line junk all day is causing our eyes to glaze over, attention is scarce and the world is enveloped in a state of cognitive dissonance, the tension between what we believe and what we do. They know it won’t work but still they persist.


It’s 5:00am, time to delete the hijacked posts on my blog sites. Every morning I have to remove articles about motorcycle parts, hair care products and today I discovered that I’m giving advice on how to tell if you’re ovulating. To what end? Surely they can’t have any positive expectations, or maybe they do, which in itself is cause for extreme concern.

I received an e-mail recently with a whole catalogue of scuba gear pricing. Very extensive and pages long. They spoke to me like I was an enthusiast and a long time customer. Seeing that e-strategy is what I do, I called them and asked them what they were thinking. It seems they got their databases crossed. They also partner with a company that I purchase video production equipment from. They apologized profusely and even sent me a free snorkel. At least they understood the gravity of their trespass.

When I regaled some of my clients with this colorful account, they were in complete amazement that I would go to the trouble of tracking the offenders down.
“Just delete it” was the response. This is like tipping 20% to the waiter when the service sucked. We’re heading into “locked down” mode and the circular firing squad will abate, until the next new wrinkle. It’s not always possible (or reasonable) to do what I did, but tolerance levels are reaching their limits.

I have a theory though, it’s called “Only the Strong Survive”. After these clowns have forced us to tune out by bashing us over the head with nonsense and drivel, only anticipated, relevant and personal messaging will get across the moat and into the castle.

Until then, “Just delete it”

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