Baby Bloomers!

What the new “70” looks like.

I am loving this “turning seventy” thing. Like the man falling from a fifty story building and half way down says, “so far so good.”

As one of the first boomers to cross the finish line into their seventies, I’m finding some of the things I thought would go out on me, didn’t. What to do with all this life experience in a durable mind and body? Having outlived my closest parent by three years, which was my mother, and four of her years, were bedridden.

As Eubie Blake an American composer, lyricist, and pianist once said, “If I’d a known I was gonna live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.” Well I did, despite a couple of bouts of needless self destruction. It seems the body can handle what the mind dishes out, if I’m any example.

Getting to this moment in my life has been a pleasant surprise to say the least. Everything still works and pretty well, I might add. Now what do I do with that wheelchair in the garage? No joke, I was using it for camera work and thinking it might serve me later. I entertain no such thoughts now.

We live in a world today, where if I get hit by a car, the news will report me as “elderly” and whatever death I experience will most likely be attributed to “natural causes.” What do you expect? He was old.” This is new for all of us in the boomer category.

Most likely you won’t pass away sipping lemonade on your paid off front porch. You’ll be hustling to keep up the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to right to the end. Twenty years of bonus existence. Yikes!

Get thy shit together 🙂

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