Passing The Torch

It sure is dark in here, ain’t it?

I knew the day I was certified as a N.A.S.M. (National Academy of Sports Medicine) fitness professional at the age of 70, I was never going to be a high fiving, back slapping “get that leg up there, honey” personal trainer.

I have other plans.

With more than fifty years of weight training starting in Vietnam, we would bench press truck axles because mortar rockets were unavailable. I started taking my iron pills in earnest when I saw what was happening to my brothers in arms.

I have been in and out of YMCA’s, Bally’s, and LA Fitness centers over the years and I have seen… and heard, it all.

My expertise comes from making every fitness and nutrition mistake under the sun.

I had a right to be wrong.  Right?  🙂

I have been fat, skinny, drunk, sober and everything in between.

I had to be institutionalized to get off alcohol and prescription medications in 2016. (That’s another story.)

I have been divorced, detoxed, financially decimated and disenfranchised.

Nothing succeeds like excess.

Starting your fitness journey can be like sitting in a dark room. Or a minefield. You can’t see anything.

You don’t know where the furniture is, you don’t know the layout, you are afraid to step in any direction and you damn sure don’t want to hurt yourself.

So you sit. Deteriorating.

This is where I can be helpful. You can be the beneficiary of my clumsy and unartful attempts at fitness and nutrition

I think of myself of the guy who knows where the light switches are because I’ve been in the room before.

I’ve stumbled over the furniture, hit my head, stubbed my toe and howled in pain at the darkness.

But my failures can illuminate your journey.

Physical fitness is a head game. You’re not going to succeed if your head’s not in the game.

It takes more than a note on the mirror to make you fetch your sneakers.

it takes more than a prescription to prevent your chest from sliding down into your drawers.

You need to have a why. Why would you want to leave your comfort zone?

Why would you head out on a cold and rainy morning to run, or start banging out push ups on an empty stomach for no payoff?

If you are about retirement age or older, your why is staring back at you every morning in the bathroom mirror.

I can help you with more than exercise routines and what to cram in your pie hole.

I can shed some light on your situation.

I can show you why.

Go Rogue



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