You’re a drunk, it’s time to double down

So you’ve hit another one of your rock bottoms. You’ve been abusing yourself for so long your body is about to give out while your family is about to give up. But you need to avoid the pains of living that have brought you to your knees. I hear ya.

What to do?

Is it back to AA where you finger the rosary as you listen to horror story upon horror story? Is it asking your higher power to save you when your higher power did nothing to stop you from your descent into hell in the first place?

Is it more expensive consultations with that therapist who never had a drug or alcohol problem? No wonder he let’s you talk and talk and never says anything. You know what the problem is: Life sucks. I agree, it does suck at times.

And you can suffer every day of it while knowing that no one gets out alive. The problem is, once you stop a nasty habit, a huge existential void looms on the horizon. You feel wobbly as hell and even less secure. Your little “feel good” ritual has disappeared and the big bad world has you all to itself.

This is the time to act. Inertia will not save you, it will kill you.

There’s a hole needs fillin’.

You need to jam that void immediately with a new habit. Don’t wait. Dive deep into a new or existing passion. You’re on fertile ground. You’re gonna feel like shit anyway for the first few weeks so you might as well be learning something new. Who wants to be sober just for sober’s sake?

Not me, I can assure you.

I ain’t no saint, I ain’t no savior, I’ll never get to Heaven on my good behavior.

A.R.T – Addiction Replacement Therapy

I’ve had to get clean and sober twice in my life and both times it was physical exercise that pulled me from the brink of relapse. It dulled the withdrawal symptoms and activated my endorphin levels. It changed and saved my life.

Exercise will help you clean out that musty attic you have upstairs and get your body back in shape.

Addictions are about escape and feeling good. Exercise will fill both of those needs. You can’t just sit back and wait for the rain to stop.

You need to act.

You can look back on the day you stopped abusing yourself as a victory and a triumph of the spirit, instead of a whimpering concession.

Don’t miss this wonderful experience. You will find a new world and you’ll find you were more than worth it.

Wanna bet?



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