Yeah, you! I’m talkin’ to you!

 talkin to you

Anyone who follows my rantings knows I have little tolerance those smarmy little shits who try to get you hooked on their miraculous, revenue tripling, sky’s the limit, lead generating, all in one, life changing, step by step pathway to success. Right out of college they have the solutions you’ve been looking for. Hey, we are all young once, but when you start peeing in my side of the pool, the deep end, we need to talk.

Got a LinkedIn message from someone who wanted to connect with me because “we are almost in the same business, essentially.” I beg to differ and here’s why. It’s not about you. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should blast everyone on the planet with outlandish statements about success, reach and frequency and fabulous lifestyles if they follow your secret road map.

Just because you see some of the big dogs do it and it looks easy, don’t kid yourself, these guys are in trouble too. Instead of three or four steady clients where they are part of the team, they need thousands of confused and jobless dreamers to pay their rent. I won’t mention them by name (again) but if you study their approach, they’re not just talking business anymore, they offer health and wellness, laws of attraction and attitude and behavior modification. Ron Popeil’s got nothing on these guys.

They all know each other too. Except for that screwball, Vaynerchuk, they freely name drop and give each other a “reach around” at every opportunity. The club for growth…theirs.

Their offers now are becoming so vague as to be laughable. I love that little clock timer on your web site to let us all know the time for signing up for your webinar is running out. Then what? Then nothing! After lackluster responses you send me an e-mail with “your last chance.” then another with a correction and I still have one more chance to change my life.

Of course, this once in a lifetime,”you were secretly picked” webinar will not be recorded because the information is so valuable. Then it shows up on You Tube a week later.

So, to put a finer point on my rant, what we are seeing here in on-line marketing is just like what happened when, as kids, we all got bows and arrows for Christmas. Carnage and confusion followed by a serious ass whoopin’.





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