It ain’t the heat, it’s the stupidity!


Arizona, how I love that place. But not for business. There are more empty suits there than a Macy’s rack. Vegas is worse but beyond a bad gambling habit, why would you go? Their infrastructure is backing up on itself. Use bottled water.

Arizona is home to the thousand dollar millionaire, people who can talk more shit than a Chinese radio with absolutely nothing to offer. In fact, every CEO I’ve ever had lunch with has excused themselves when the check came. It’s all in the timing. Nothing is as it seems.

Forget doing what I do, corporate video production and e- strategy, in the medical community, they are so used to having drug companies pay for everything, coughing up a chunk of change for anything is totally out of the question.

When I was a Dupont rep, every time a hospital would call us in to see if they could get a price reduction, we had to step through all the new construction.

Soooo, I receive an e-mail from a guy who runs a marketing outfit and wants to hook up. I go to his web site and sure enough, another shit head.  It was so over the top and in such glaringly bad taste I felt compelled to set him straight as far as I was concerned. That’s what I do “no” of.

Basically, I let him know I thought he was a digital douchebag and this is not the 90’s. This stuff irks me because everyone gets hurt.

Well, I get a note back today and when I see his name in the header I brace myself. Oh yeah, an auto reply with my first name inserted, telling me how excited he was to work with me, how he can help grow my business and to sign up for his newsletter. It ain’t the heat, it’s the stupidity.

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