Showing Up!

This is remarkable in the sense that it’s the third time it has happened. Though I have employment, I haven’t ceased my interviewing activities. I love the process and will make one happen on a moment’s notice.

Arizona, being what it is, is a laid back business community, loaded with monied golfing types who usually “dress down” to dress up. On the last three occasions, I was told I could show up dressed casual, or “cazh.” I didn’t.

There is nothing “cazh” about me, so why should I pretend? I’m out for blood and make no pretense.

I come with resume, business cards, focus, and a head full of homework. Each time, I was offered the job before the interview was over. One company kept me five hours into the night filling out employment paperwork. I respectfully declined their offer the next day.

Each hiring manager also wanted to hand me off to their immediate superior the next day, with the request to “please dress as you are today.” Cazh. Indeed.

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