Arizona On My Own Terms

Finally have you all to myself. After all these years. Marshall Tucker’s  “In My Own Way” is blaring through my kitchen and the sun is setting over the Sonoran Desert. My eyes are wet with happiness. I’m at peace. I never wanted to leave, but now I’m glad I did. For almost 15 years, I would pine away at just the mention of this beautiful place.

I now have a fresh appreciation for all that I was missing. When I landed here in July of 1990, it was a record 126 degrees. My eyes and all my senses went into overload. I have never experienced such a wonderfully romantic place.

With my new job as a rep, I wouldn’t have much time to kick back and relax in those first years.  I was constantly traveling and trying to digest new information. The only time it really sunk in was on long drives or on the approach to Sky Harbor Airport.

Of course, when the honeymoon of the new job wore off, it became constant work. Enjoyable, but constant. Those days are gone. I’m here now and it’s me and the desert. For good.

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