My Blue Ocean

I have a plan.

I will freely share it because to steal my plan you need one intangible element….me.

I’ve been inching toward this concept for a few years now and I think I have come upon a model and a strategy: On-line Training for Seniors.

Training people my age who are crippled by real or imagined limitations. A big blue ocean.

If you are familiar with the blue ocean/red ocean concept, you know in the blue ocean, you create uncontested market space and capture new demand, thereby making your competition irrelevant.

There is no one else there. Yet.

In the red ocean, which is bloody from competition, they are competing in a existing market space and fighting over the same treasure. Flowing red.

A reasonable person would try to think up a new angle and move to a space that’s not so congested. Like Starbuck’s. They totally changed the game by not focusing on coffee, but the experience. Uh, that’s gotta be me.

The current state of play in the personal training red ocean is geared toward younger folks with weight problems and insecurities. Or middle agers under doctor’s orders. Neither has a long shelf life. They drift.

I want to bypass that scrimmage.

The positioning I have decided on to differentiate myself will be:

1. A unique selling proposition that will lay out what I do, how i do it, why it’s unique, and why it’s perfect for my client base.

2. A personal narrative that will explain why I care about this audience: my age, my circumstance, my failures, my weaknesses and my success in overcoming my physical shortcomings. Which are legion. And how I did it.

The me element is critical because of my age, my history of failures, belly flops and detours. I have “been there and done that” to such a degree, I’m lucky to be alive.

I have all the boo-boos covered.

What I have learned about fitness and nutrition over the years has not only saved my life but has given me new health and helped me prosper.

3. Creative content delivered by video, blog, podcast and every other source of social media available. Topics will include physical training, nutrition, flexibility and more importantly, attitude. I’ve been producing content for more than twenty years.

I am excited, I have a book in the oven and an outlet for my “uncontrollablenthusiasm.” Let’s get this party started.

See you online.


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