You’re unique, just like everyone else!

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I actually had a manager say something similar to me at a favorable performance review. Once I digested that little nugget, I really had to struggle to get over myself. How deflating!  As the oldest of ten children, I know the feeling of being one of the crowd. You either find a way to get attention or you get whatever is left over. Needless to say, there are no shy violets in my family. And they all developed sharp elbows.

Being part of a large organization, like a large family, has a way of smoothing off your edges.There’s comfort in the fact that you’re part of something big with seemingly unlimited resources, but being a face in the crowd under layers of management never sat well with me. I struggled mightily, despite the company’s  efforts to reward me and promote me for my contributions. I always felt placated. How’s that for gratitude?

Finally, a reorganization that barely mentioned my name pushed me over the edge and I left to start my own creative consultant business.That was six years ago and I never looked back.

Now, it’s the same thing only more intense. The struggle to be heard. To be relevant. To be different. Everything is on line and on the line.

It’s like the first day of hunting season. Everyone has a gun and everyone’s excited. Blasting away at everything that moves. It’s crazy out there.

Now, as marketers, we have to be the signal, not the noise. The clarity, not the clutter. We have to develop new, but related, marketing skills to be viable and survive in this cacophony of media frenzy.

Here’s the take away: No matter what technology tools you have at your disposal, nothing will replace a thoughtful, deliberate strategy when it come to getting seen, heard and standing out from the crowd. First, there was the thought! You’re unique, not like everyone else!

If the title of this piece caught your attention and stirred your angst… good!

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