Who’s in your corner?

In this corner

We’re all in the ring these days. Life can be twelve rounds of brutal punishment if you aren’t trained, conditioned and psychologically ready for the rigors of combat in this economy. To the audience you may appear to be out there battling all alone, but a boxer is nothing without his corner man. You may even be so dazed as to think you’re winning when you are actually losing. That’s why the importance of a corner man or champion cannot be underestimated.

Though a match may look like a couple of muscular brawlers having at each other, the “sweet science” is built on a strategy designed to find their opponent’s weaknesses and “get inside” to overcome barriers and win based on points in a match lasting twelve rounds or more. Knockouts are a rare occurrence. The left jab or interaction is used to set up a scenario where the right hand claims victory. (With apologies to southpaws.)

So who’s your corner man? Who is guiding you through the maze of obstacles that you need to work your way through in order to land the knockout punch? Who is giving you the big picture? Straight, and to the point? Who is giving you guidance regarding political or financial situations that could send you sprawling?

When we get in the ring, whether it’s to pitch an offer, land a contract, or get to the right person, you need a clearly defined target. You need to study the tapes and learn all about the opponent, his past fights and weaknesses and be prepared for the encounter. You need someone who knows the ropes and gives you the straight poop in the final rounds.

Developing a champion is critical in every match where you need to get inside and get your message out to land that right cross and close the deal.

So, who’s in your corner?


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