Too much business traffic?


Have a little too much business? Can’t get enough family time? Life is short you know, you might need to get away for a while. We have a special offer that is guaranteed to slow things down for you…. to a grinding halt!

Let us post our special brand of insights and moronic anecdotes to LinkedIn,Twitter and Facebook under your name. Your friends and family will be mystified. Your  business associates will cross the street when they see you coming, but….

Your numbers will drop in minutes, the phone will stop ringing and you’ll be off to Cabo, sparking up a huge spliff, smearing on body paint and applying for bankruptcy protection.   And if that’s not all….

As a bonus you will also get experienced tactical assistance from Officer Bobo, who can divert web traffic better than Gov. Christie did in the Ft. Lee to G.W. bridge lash up.

Call today! 1- 800-bizstop

Operators are standing by. (If they’re not in Cabo)

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