Throwing shade at the fitness industry.

Fitness is a money maker. And everyone with a certification or a YouTube channel wants a piece of the uh, pie. Some will fire hose you with misinformation and regurgitated nonsense in hopes you are so disgusted with your pudgy self, you’ll buy in.

And you usually do.

Let’s face it “eat less and move more” is too short and makes way too much sense, so why not grind it into the dirt? How do you market common sense? Duh, fitness.

Every diet works in the beginning. Because you’ve made a change. Change is what your body doesn’t understand. At least in the beginning. But once it catches on, the party’s over and so is your dream of joining the Bolshoi.

But these fitness influencers have to make a living, so they have to go back to the grave yard, dig it up, dust it off and nuance it.

The models, the Photoshopped images, (ugh) the supplements (huge) and even the apparel lines (garish) are all designed to separate you from your wallet.

Hey, I bet there’s a few pounds right there.

There is no FDA and no ethics panels being convened anywhere in this country. We have other problems at the moment.

Some of these Adonis types are on the juice, (performance enhancing drugs) and selling you on the shady proposition that they can get you there.

Don’t believe your lying eyes.

This is rampant in the industry.

You are the boss of you.

You don’t need some smarmy gym rat in a man bun trying to squeeze one more rep out of you, or sell you a meal plan he downloaded from the internet.

Desperation and frustration lead to manipulation.

If you read the manual (educate yourself) and take action on your own, you will lose the weight, change your body composition and gain the critical knowledge you need to keep your human movement systems moving. I did.

Your self image and and confidence will soar. Mine did.

You can’t put a price tag on that. I couldn’t.

I say, it’s your vehicle. Time to grab the wheel.


You’re welcome.

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