Am I on?

This is my 24,745th wake up. But whose counting? I arose unassisted, made my way down the stairs, stepped over the dog to start the coffee, then I started thainkin’, which is my slang term for thanking and thinking. I call this reflexive gratitude. No little stickies on the mirror, no wake up from Eckhart and no hokey screen saver.

It’s just the natural state of consciousness I have developed over a lifetime of incredible good fortune, financial safety, shit storms, disillusionment and near fatal mistakes. (I won’t mention past relationships, that’s a self-help book on its own.)

I think we wake up, or become conscious, twice every morning. Once physically, then spiritually. (ugh, there’s that word.) The second phase being the most critical. Agree?

Depending on your inclination, this is your daily fork in the road. You can kick start your worry machine or tell those squirrels in your attic to shut the fuck up. No need for formal meditation or mantras. Just…. let!

(I’m talking to myself here, no preachy me.) Time to stop pissing in your own punchbowl. Stop micromanaging your existence and more importantly,  painting yourself into your existential corner. Stop trying to reverse engineer all the stupid shit you’ve pulled all your life.

When I think about this “thing” we’re experiencing, I can’t help but feel someone or something is having a little fun with us. It is so unpredictable and unmanageable. Pretty scary too, at times, eh?

In the 24 hour life cycle, I think our sleep state is our most vulnerable. We go to bed planning the next day, worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet, or lost in a previous episode of the “You Show” using your patented “pretzel logic.” Oh what a tangled …

Well reason me this: Who says you’re gonna get up the same way you went down? Who says you’re get up at all? Who says … anything? You do. Me do. Love me do .. . Jesus, there I go again. Shut up, up there.





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