Steady State

Go west, young man:

One of the big reasons for moving back to the state of Arizona, besides being wiped out financially, was the weather. The “Ground Hog Day” repetition works for me because there is never an excuse not to get outside and get some form of aerobic exercise. I’ve barely missed a day in six months. It shows.

The other day I had to put a shirt and tie on and when I checked myself in the mirror I noticed I had an extra inch around the collar. I kept thinking “geek” on my way out the door. I’ll just have to downsize.  🙂

Live and lean.

Regardless of what state you live in, as we age, the need to stay lean is critical. The myriad of disease states that have a direct correlation to not “moving it around” are legion.

If you can find a spot to rest after a long career, where you can remain lean and active, go for it. Your declining years don’t have to be reclining.

There are plenty of excuses to skip the roadwork without the weatherman chiming in. The state of the state is good.


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