South by Southwest


I left Boston with a good intention

Now goin’ back there is a point of contention

Seemed like a good idea at the time,

 I’m all out of money, not out of rhyme.

Gotta get back to collect what’s mine

But I been restrained, might be doin’ time

Gettin’ back there’s gonna be a mess, South by Southwest


Now money and marriage supposed to go both ways

I’ll get it figured out one of these days

When it comes to legal matters, I gets confused

But I got a good lawyer, to reduce my blues

Then I’ll  get back to what I know best, South by Southwest


I know I’m moving in the right direction

When the sun starts staring me down

I’ll drive all night, drive all day

Until I cruise back in to that Old Bean town


I been up north, I been back east,

But A-Z is the best

You hit Oklahoma City then you hang a hard left, South by Southwest


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