No Train, No Gain!

No Train,No Gain

We have been very busy lately shooting sales training videos for our clients. There is no better way to keep sales people up to date and ready for prime time than with product and customer specific training. Sales scenarios, like features and benefits, handling objections and strategic planning are extremely effective when on line access can remove any questions or doubt.

One very helpful technique we employ, especially on a new product launch or a new audience gets added to the mix, is to interview those clients and get their expectations of the rep and the call. Gaining access to anyone these days can be difficult so if you get in, you better have some pertinent information. Oh,and you had better know what you’re talking about.
Doughnuts don’t do it anymore. Natch!

The amount of money spent by organizations to train not only sales people but all employees in the areas of safety, culture, best practices and procedures is obscene. To capture training correctly so that viewers will retain and use vital information is well worth the expense in the long and short term.

When this type of information is readily available to all employees, there are no excuses for not being in the loop with all the poop!

Watch once, repeat if necessary!


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