No secrets, no shame, no filter.

This post pulled me from a sound sleep.

When I share parts of my life with someone, I can see the terror register in their eyes. Partly because it happened, and partly because I’m actually sharing it.

I look at my life as a travelogue. Nothing is sacred, only….interesting.

I will freely discuss bed wetting, excessive masturbation and even the rash Carol (your name here) gave me. It’s all up for scrutiny.

When my ex-wife brutally screwed me in a blatant, financially driven, ambush divorce, I went to press.

I even produced a video titled “News For Youse” and another video showing the softer side of the relationship called “My Guardian Angel”.

My predilection for self exposure is legendary in my social circles.

My drug and alcohol problems, my financial nightmares, my poor taste in women (I have been known to jump the bones of a fatty or two at closing time) my rollicking sex life and my many falls from grace.

To me, it’s all good and all newsworthy.

And why not? If this is life is one big adventure, then I’m getting my money’s worth. Yeah, you won’t hear me screaming like a little girl when the lights go out.

Go ahead, throw the fucking dirt on me, I’m ready.

It’s all been one big laugh and now you’re all in on the joke.

It’s been a wild and wicked ride but I’m sure of one thing… mother would be proud.  🙂


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