Lightning Recall

I go to bed some nights so overwhelmed I actually groan myself awake. The only remedy upon rising is one Advil and two sneakers. I lace up in grim determination. The plan is to take whatever is bothering me and leave it on the pavement.

Doesn’t always work, though. The right or wrong conditions can make things worse. As was the case this morning. Rolling along, cursing in cadence, flashes of silent light start popping up on the periphery.

It’s Monsoon in the desert and things are always unpredictable in this beautiful Arizona sky. A show of lightning was percolating silently all around me.

This amazing display reminded me of the days when I used to sit on sandbags, high as kite, watching the carpet bombing across the bay. You would always see the light first, feel the silence, then experience the audible ferocity.

This would go on all night. When I think of the dangers I was exposed to then, as opposed to what I’m going through now, I must admit to feeling a bit silly.

Back then, my THC riddled thoughts were, “Gee, I wonder how much each one of those bombs cost?” A year of living dangerously, indeed.

When I got home, I showered and slept like a baby.  Amazing how an early morning run and a little lightning can bring some much needed perspective.  🙂




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