It ain’t over…

Is this some kind of a cruel joke? What is happening here? I’m not supposed to feel this good, am I? My body is anticipating a rigorous start to the day, a long bike ride, weights at the gym and countless dog walks. My training plan is working. I have a long term strategy that is coming along nicely, except….

….wait a minute! You’re almost 71 years old. Where’s the walker? Where the stash of orange bottles that by now, deserve their own table? That little voice in the back of your neck that tells you to find the nearest sofa and wait for the reaper, “Nice try Bobo, let’s settle down, you’ve had your fun”.

Then how can I be so much faster, stronger and more flexible than any time in my life? How can my attitude continue to improve and my creative impulses seem limitless? Beats the hell out of me. Regardless of what I have done to myself over the years, I am still in one piece and ready for more. More than ready.

Either by chance or by choice, I have turned the screws on myself so I have to remain relevant just to survive. This is not what I thought we would be facing when I was a kid. My folks never saw these years, and if they did, they would have been crippled by one disease state or another. In most cases, anyway.

Still, seven decades of flopping all over the planet is no mere feat. I am still cogent enough to enjoy all of my dramas, even my current one. 🙂

The little weenie in all of us is begging for some shelter from the big, bad world but the big, bad world doesn’t owe us a thing. In my mind, 70 is some kind no man’s land where green bananas don’t exist. Should I stay or should I go? Very confusing. Very enlightening.

Are we still relevant at this age? Of course. How much longer can we continue to shape the world? Beats me, but I don’t hear the fat lady singing so….


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