Here’s The Story

People tell me I have a great story:

I overcame alcohol and drug addiction at 70 years old.

Lost 60 pounds over four years, 38 pounds recently.

Completely changed my physical appearance.

I am a war veteran, a musician, a stand up comedian, a writer and a professional chef.

I was incarcerated for a year at 16 years old and developed into an upstanding citizen.

I became a fitness professional, specializing in nutrition, weight loss and senior fitness.

I studied music at the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

Crawled out of financial disaster.

Rose to the top in radiopharmaceutical sales, brandishing only a G.E.D. (Long story.)

Created my own multimedia position in Big pharma.

I have been a video producer for more than 20 years.

Implemented e-mail marketing in Bristol Myers-Squibb. (In 2003)

Had entrepreneurial success with my own multimedia business, Double O Creative.

Worked with large biotech companies all over the Boston area.

This blog, “The Enlightened Rogue” has more than a million hits.

I have been running 5 miles every night for the past 31 months. (But who’s counting?)

Started “Enlightened Rogue Fitness” to help seniors like myself, get, and stay healthy.

I agree that I have a good story, but people don’t care about my story.

People only care about how my story impacts their story.

I get that, and that’s another story.  🙂



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