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This spot was shot in my home studio in front of a green screen using one of my teleprompters. I wrote the script in 20 minutes and had my wife come down and set the focus and white balance and I was off and running. Eight takes later, with seven for good measure 🙂 I had it nailed and was viewing it on the timeline. Such is the magic of today’s technology. Even more magical is the fact that I had it on-lined in minutes, abusing all my friends and relatives.

Of course, it could have made it even more realistic if Susan had agreed to go to CVS and pick up a stethoscope and a rectal thermometer. I’ll bring this up at the next family business meeting. The show must always go on. No matter what.

I’m directing this post at small businesses and start ups who desperately need to get their business out in the street. (Doesn’t sound legal does it?) There are no barriers but that only presents other deal breakers using video that  require the use of a rifle and a foot. (Either foot will do) For example, I just saw a comedian tell a joke on a vertical iPhone meant for distribution that probably hurt him more than it helped him. Drinking before breakfast is never a good idea. Don’t ask me how I know.

Here’s the conundrum using video: you shoot it yourself and possibly take a hit without the availability of a credible coach or producer, or you wait for the Madison Ave team to check into the Four Seasons and let you know it’s on for tomorrow. Or, you lucky dog, you can give me a call, we meet at Starbucks, (you’re paying) and we discuss what we need to do to get your mug out there. Why should all the big dogs get all the air time? If I can help you and neither one of us thinks the other is bat shit at the end of our coffee, we can commence to shake up your target audience. And the world.

I’m not gonna rattle on about my experience here, you can get that off of my Facebook or LinkedIn or police records. But I’ve been at this for quite a while and think start ups and small business should get a (tasteful) shot at the limelight. I have a state of the art studio in my house or we can work on location. I can get you from script to screen and show you how to gain ROI from your efforts and avoid the home movie nightmare scenario altogether.

I can get you blogging, interview you on a podcast and have you tweeting like a canary in a coal mine. This is what is known as content or inbound marketing. You need to start having conversations with your followers. It’s a bit of extra effort but without it, it ain’t happenin’.

So give me a honk if you’re so inclined and let’s see what your up to. What’s in it for me is I get to help someone get started without breaking their bank and I don’t have to deal with Cecil B. De Moron. (You have no idea, so don’t ask.)

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