70: A Body Of Work


This thing says I’m 70. Really?

I was going to title this piece “This Bod’s For You” but I’m already pushing my luck with a selfie. I can assure you, this is not something I do on a regular basis. Or ever. It took every ounce of nerve just to hit the “publish” button.

Three months ago, August 27, to be precise, I was a beaten, bloated and bleary eyed survivor  of a VA detox unit. I was also 33 pounds heavier. I didn’t take a “before” shot because it was something I didn’t want a record of.

This piece is about how the human body responds to exercise at any age. As I have stated before, I just turned seventy and was trying to wrap my head around the realities of being an “old guy.”

I was using exercise, like I use everything, as a drug to keep me sane. Having been in pretty good shape most of my life, I wondered if I had any muscle memory left. The human body, treated with respect, will respond in kind, I was delighted to find that my old friend exercise, never let me down.

A VA psychiatrist told me recently, “Bob, 70 is not old, not any more, so if you have any plans on retiring, think again. Back in the 70’s you were a dead man, but not today.” Well, that’s the way I’ve always felt. I have never had a job I wanted to run away from and sit on a beach. I’m just not wired that way. And when I do re-invent myself, (again) I want the stamina I’ll need to meet those rigors.

I’m setting myself up here, but I think it’s important that you young(er) pups know that you never have to hang it up and sit on the sidelines. Ever. 🙂

After all, no one is more pleasantly surprised than me.

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