Tweet Stalked


Tweet Stalked

Not sweet talked! I’m not going to mention any names, God knows they would love that, but I am totally mystified at how some of these social media experts can tweet 40 times a day. (At least) 10 steps to this ,5 steps to that, the real secret, how to… on and on.

I have a 30 inch monitor and when I go on to Twitter I get 30 inches of this guy’s face.

It’s like peeing in the shower.

Does this stuff come to him overnight in the form of divine intervention? Every day? Are you trying to see what sticks to the wall? If I have to be part of your grand experiment then pay me. If you want to shoot a mosquito with a machine gun, hey, they’re your bullets. Stop hogging the mic. We’re just not that into you, OK?

All you’re doing is proving to me that you have the ways but not the means.

I’m still on the turnip truck.

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