This Bud’s For Someone Else

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I have always hated yard work. Always called landscapers to do that kind of thing. But I have a younger brother who is amazing at it. His house and pool should be on some magazine cover.

He is also an avid beer drinker. Loves his Bud. Rides around on his John Deere surveying all his beautiful handiwork. I’ve always been jealous.

With my house being up for sale, there’s lots to do on my property. So yesterday, after many years of not drinking, I bought a six pack, killed it, headed out into the great outdoors armed with a rake, a shovel, a hose, a lawnmower and a wheelbarrow and worked tirelessly without stopping. I was a maniac. But what a difference.

That was the key: the beer. All I needed was a Bud. It was getting dark by the time I wrapped things up and I couldn’t have been prouder of myself. My wife couldn’t believe it either. It was the wrong yard.

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