Thinking of your own in-house production studio?

 The setup

 All things being equal… and they usually aren’t, as far as technology is concerned. But let’s just say that everyone has access to a full creative studio in their organization. The only thing that would differentiate the content coming out of that department would be the creativity of the messaging. Ideas! Having the experience from years of marketing campaigns and corporate cultural messaging, I have learned various ways to make messages “stick”. Knowing what works and what doesn’t, makes all the difference. Our approach is turnkey, because  creating and delivering great content for internal and external corporate audiences is a commitment. We are also not a huge company with layers of “team” members. We are a small, fast moving, easy to work with group that will get you from script to screen in a smooth and affordable way. As we are fond of saying, “We don’t like one night stands, we are looking to settle down and raise a company. If you would like to get your organization to the next level, let’s date for a while 🙂

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