Taking the third…person.

My passion is concerned with the health and well being of seniors. Especially retired, or about to be retired, seniors and the importance of their physical and nutritional needs going forward.

The Enlightened Rogue Fitness mantra is “Living Well Is The Best Revenge.”

You want to live long and well and recoup those well deserved, hard earned, social security and pension benefits by not dropping dead right after your retirement party.

What is weird, is I find myself talking in the third person when I write about the pitfalls of aging.

Like I’m not part of the demographic. Like I’m not a senior with same pressing issues. It’s like I’m on the outside looking in. Very strange.

I think it’s because at 73, I happen to be in the best shape of my life. Without question.

The kind of incredible physical and mental condition that tricks me into thinking that retirees are, unlike me, some gentle, fragile and brittle old souls who could use some help in their declining years.

Get a load of me, will ya?

But that’s what happens when you are fit and healthy. When you have experienced the joys that await you on the other side of the sweat barrier.

When you are fully functioning and all your systems are a “go.” You feel like nothing can take you down.

You see the ravages of aging all around and you can’t connect the dots.

If that’s a crime, I plead “nolo contendere.”

So when you hear me talk about the importance of getting after your nutritional and fitness goals, especially at retirement age, I am including myself as well……I think. 🙂

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